Insulation for Demanding Applications

Evonik Foams is the innovative producer of SOLIMIDE® foam and SOLCOUSTIC® duct liner – high-performance, non-fibrous polyimide foam products used in demanding environments requiring thermal and acoustic insulation. The products are known for their unique combination of superior fire resistance, low smoke and virtually no toxic gas emission, wide operating temperature range, extremely low weight and excellent sound absorption.

Originally designed to meet the extreme requirements of the NASA space program, these foams now deliver their unique performance benefits to a wide variety of market applications – naval and commercial marine, aircraft/aerospace, building/construction, rail transportation, appliances, electronics/instrumentation, cryogenic, and high temperature industrial.

SOLIMIDE foam and SOLCOUSTIC duct liner can deliver the performance required by your demanding environment. They can be part of the solution for your tough design problems.


Evonik Foams’ SOLCOUSTIC® duct liner is featured in HPAC Engineering for reducing HVAC air handling system noise.

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